National Gymnastics Association

Image This sport was established in 1992 with aid from the South African Gymnastics Club. The association's achievements to date include hosting a junior competition for children aged between 2 to 8years; the attendance of this event was very good as the juniors came in their numbers.

The association also sent students to compete in Durban and they performed very well placing Swaziland on the 6th position.

Membership has really increased dramatically from a mere 100 to 190 members, a sign that awareness as well as interest in increasing. Future plans include opening a new club in Mbabane for the training of juniors (Level One) and advanced athletes (Level Two). The ultimate objective is competing internationally and improving the countries world ranking.

Contact Information:
President: Jenni Hammond - 6023093
Secretary: Zo Dean-Smith-6050506
Muriel Hofer 602 8540

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Postal address: P.O Box 186 Ezulwini, Swaziland 

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