September 20, 2017

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The Swaziland National Sports Council is a Government agency established in 1978 to facilitate the development of sports nationally and since then it has been under the Ministry of Home Affairs until 2008,when Council moved to the Ministry of Sports, Culture & Youth Affairs.


The Minister of Sport Culture & Youth Affairs is the head of Council, whose Chairman is his/her appointee.

It is established by its constitution recognized by the Government of Swaziland through a Memorandum of Understanding. The MOU empowers Council to implement the Sports Policy, which encompasses the sport development consortium from the Foundation through Excellence; and the managing and disbursement of Government funding to all Sports Bodies recognized by the Council in terms of the Constitution.

The Ministry of Sport, Culture &Youth Affairs is so far the main benefactor of the Sports Council's programmers and projects.  Before Government's financial year begins, the Sports Council submits its budget, which is then contained under the Ministry's long list of annual commitments, deliberated upon and subsequently approved by Parliament.  It was not until 1999 that the Sports Council received its first substantial budget from Government.  Previous to that, government released funds upon every request made at that particular time. 
The Council collaborates with the Ministry through the office of the Director of Sports.

Our mission is to develop and regulate all sport and recreation activities in the Kingdom, on behalf of the Government of Swaziland, through facilitating maximum access to resources and opportunities for Swazi citizens; promoting and exhibiting good governance.

Sport in Swaziland is recognized and valued by the government and citizens as a tool for human development.

Harnessing resources for effective and coordinated national sport development.  Harmonizing the management of National sport programs to give direction and focus thus eliminating duplication of effort and the potential for conflict.

The main intention of setting up the Sports Council was so that it becomes the link between government and the 30 sport associations currently existent in the country.  Further more, the Sports Council has to monitor and fully activate the development of sport at all levels in the country.   Government also deemed it fit to have the Sports Council so that it motivates every Swazi to develop a positive attitude towards sport and recreation.

Council gets annual subventions from Government through the Ministry of Sport Culture & Youth Affairs.

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